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A functional financial plan of action achieved through dynamic and interactive communication.


Lifestyle-based solutions to protect your financial plan in the long term.


Visualize your map to success and allow the simple, sound solutions you have put in place take effect throughout your journey.


We work alongside national and international organizations.


Committed to conducting its business according to the highest…


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Plan, protect and prosper with simple, sound solutions. Planning ahead, and planning smart are keys to financial success.

Christina Graham BA, BSW, MSW, is a professional and experienced Financial Advisor.

Christina Graham’s personal and business planning services will ensure you are on the right path when it comes to your finances – from wealth management to retirement income planning.

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Why Choose Us?

Plan: Clients need to be committed to the process of communicating their situation, goals and dreams. Efficient service to existing clients and future clients can only occur with mutual respect, communication and trust. The process to a functional financial plan of action is only achieved with dynamic and interactive communication. From a client-centered approach, Simple, Sound Solutions can then be put in place.
Protect: Solutions to protect your financial goals, which includes your desired or existing LIFESTYLE, is a big part of your plan of action. Christina Graham has been designing and executing financial strategies for individuals, families and small business owners to achieve their objectives and goals since 1995. “Life is full of unexpected twists and turns and one’s plan must be prepared for such a journey.”
Prosper: Stay committed to your plan of action. Allow for flexibility and be realistic. The fruits of the first two steps will lead to PROSPERITY. A good advisor can assist you with expectations through a bit of education and discussion. Visualize your map to success and allow the simple, sound solutions you have put in place take effect throughout your journey.

Christina Graham

Christina Graham

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Christina Graham has 22 years of experience in creating custom tailored financial strategies that promote your unique objectives and goals in life.

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